Disclaimer: This software is still very much a work in progress! I've made every effort to make sure it doesn't do anything harmful to your computer and actually works as advertised, but it comes without warranties--implied or otherwise. That said, if you run into problems, feel free to file a bug report.

Download and Setup

Note: Currently only Windows is supported. The code should work on Mac, but there isn't an official build just yet.

  1. Download and install WinPcap (version 4.1.3) You must set WinPcap to run at startup/login
  2. Download the latest Hearth Log release and unzip it somewhere convenient
  3. Run Hearth Log.exe to start the program
  4. If your copy of Hearthstone isn't installed in C:\Program Files (x86)\Hearthstone you will be prompted to locate it
  5. A Hearth Log icon should be added to your system tray
  6. Copy the Upload Key found on your profile page (requires Google login)
  7. Right-click the icon in the system tray, choose Upload Key..., and paste your key into the box


  1. Run Hearth Log.exe to begin logging (if it's not already running) You can create a shortcut to the program in your Startup folder to make it run when you login
  2. Play Hearthstone and your games should be logged and uploaded to this site
  3. Check your user page for a list of recent games and personal statistics

So, what exactly does this do?

The program uses WinPcap to "spy" on the network traffic coming from and going to your computer. It completely ignores anything not going to TCP port 3724 (the port used for Hearthstone game messages). If any other connections happen to use that port, the program will stop listening and discard all data it saw as soon as it determines that the data isn't a game of Hearthstone (this determination happens almost immediately).

Once a game of Hearthstone has finished, the log file is compressed and stored on your computer (typically in C:\Users\<Username>\AppData\Roaming\Hearth Log\Logged\). It then attempts to upload the file to this website. If the upload is successful, the log file is moved to Hearth Log\Uploaded\. If log files don't get uploaded for some reason the program will try again when it is next started or when the Upload Key is changed.

Privacy & Safety

If you would feel comfortable playing Hearthstone in an internet cafe, you should feel comfortable running this program as well. Specifically, there is no way this program could read or steal your battle.net password from this traffic since it is sent to the server in an encrypted form (and Hearth Log would have stopped paying attention to that traffic long before the password was sent anyway).

This program doesn't modify or interfere with the Hearthstone game in any way. It doesn't do anything that couldn't also be accomplished with a proxy server. As such, it should perfectly safe to use.

The full source code for the application is available for anyone who wants to examine what it does in detail or build the application from source themselves.