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Getting Starting

Create an account and then download the logging program to record your games and upload them to this website.

Replays & Records

Click the View link of any of the recent games listed here to see a replay of that game. Use the left/right arrow keys to step through each game event or click on a step in the timeline at the bottom to jump around.

You can also check out the overall Win/Loss record and other stats for any user by clicking on their username. If you're using the logging app you can see your own stats by visiting your own user page.

Stats & Research

The Stats section provides detailed win-loss information for every card in the game based on our extensive database of user-uploaded game logs. Use it to research the best cards for your next deck!

Time W/L Player Enemy Turns Replay
L Forgotowipe vs Valeera 15 View
L user-0814c339 vs Valeera 13 View
L moetype vs Valeera 16 View
W user-e767155e vs Jaina 17 View
L user-a5a08a18 vs Malfurion 23 View
L moetype vs Rexxar 13 View
W OMGsoooNOOB vs Anduin 9 View
W user-ddf2173e vs Rexxar 10 View
W Forgotowipe vs Valeera 10 View
W Tailai vs Valeera 20 View
W user-2c66b5d1 vs Gul'dan 23 View
W Singleton vs Jaina 17 View
L user-a5a08a18 vs Gul'dan 13 View
W user-b3f181f8 vs Thrall 24 View
L Forgotowipe vs Uther 14 View
L user-e767155e vs Valeera 18 View
L OMGsoooNOOB vs Thrall 15 View
L user-8056ce22 vs Malfurion 20 View
W moetype vs Valeera 17 View
W user-ddf2173e vs Rexxar 13 View